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PRI Global Services

We are a global aftermarket engineering company working closely with major global manufacturers to solve engineering challenges relative to sensors for engine management (NOx sensors, O2 sensors, pressure sensors, exhaust sensors) and tire pressure management (TPMS).  

Our Expertise

Our Servuces
Reverse Engineering 

Looking for parts discontinued by OEM or original manufacturer? Search no more. You’ll get your aftermarket parts in the soonest time possible with our reverse engineering service.

Product Test 

With our expertly-configured costumed testing and analysis, rest assured that the aftermarket parts you’ll get are verified and supported by top-notch assessment.

Quality Control

We guarantee only the best-quality products that meet your standard. No defects whatsoever, no hassle!

Cost Reduction

With our solutions, which include parts rationalization, simplification, inventory consolidation, and re-engineering, we help our customers get significant cost reduction.

Competitive Analysis 

The exceptional positioning and pricing plan we deliver to you is brought to us by our superior benchmarking and ABC analysis.

Custom Packaging

Through our organized classification of aftermarket parts into different shapes and sizes, we are able to execute an optimal packaging solution that minimizes shipping damages and maximizes freight efficiency.

For Parts Manager

One of major issue is fitment. In fact, this issue covers more than 50% returns in online purchasing. Consequently, this costs fleets substantial capital. To address this issue, we perform benchmarking test, engineering analysis, and package design that are expertly-formulated to improve experience of online purchasing from fleets and repair shops.


Ready to find out more?

The aftermarket industry is constantly shifting to keep up with progressive markets and developing technologies. Your company requires significant resources and capital in order to keep up with these changes. By sourcing from us, we do all of that for you, allowing you to focus more of your time on improving your services and developing strong relationships with customers.

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