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Quality Control

The part inspection process, which follows the standard format in the industry such as AS9102, involves drawing ballooning, CMM data collection, and report creation. Our inspection methods and sampling rules are categorized into the following inspection types: First Article, Incoming, In-Process, and Pre-Shipping Inspections.


For a smooth-sailing process, we utilize a conducive software system that allows our auditors to procure data directly from the gage; consequently, data-entry errors are eliminated and faulty inspections are prevented. Aside from procuring data, our system is also capable of providing instant pass/fail feedback, automated CP, CPK calculations, run-charts, and histograms; thus, helping our auditors to easily work on necessary adjustments. Furthermore, defects, deviations, customer returns, audit findings, safety issues, among others, can be easily detected and resolved through our system’s efficient management of NCRs, CAPAs, and SCARs.


As for effortless creation of reports, quality control plans and industry-standard 8D format are integrated in our system. Plan adjustments are recorded instantly and automatically, thus all users are guaranteed to be looking at and working on an up-to-date plan.

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