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Custom Packaging

No matter what your packaging needs are, we got your back. Choose from our extensive packaging solutions based on your needs. Should you have a unique requirement, we’re ready to customize for different shapes and weights—may it be turbo engines, windshield wipers, or front bumpers.

Made possible by our up-to-date computer software packaging design, we can effortlessly identify the weight of the part to be shipped, including the entire package’s weight.

 Materials, such as corrugated (single-wall, double-wall, triple-wall), foam, expendable steel racks, and wood components/crating, are being used by our engineering experts while employing 3D designs.

 Your parts’ safety is our utmost priority so rest assured you’ll receive your orders—may it be axles, engines, transmission, body sides, door panels, or other automotive parts—scratch-free.

 Our packaging designs are efficiently created that they are suitable for any mode of transportation—may it be sea containers, rail cars, or trucks.


The ideal parts packaging is the one that keep the product compact and safe. It does not only make stacking of all products easier, it also maximizes the packaging and reduces wastes. What we use to achieve the ideal packaging are dunnage, padding, foam, bubble wrap, among others. These materials are not only lightweight and easy to transport; they are also reliable in protecting the products from potential damages caused by empty spaces.

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