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Reverse Engineering

In the aftermarket industry, reverse engineering involves the examination of automotive parts without the need for drawing in order to obtain the parts’ engineering elements and composition, such as design, performance, and durability.

Since beyond-compare service is our brand promise, we carefully evaluate reverse engineering requests in order to deliver the best solution. Below are some of the cases we consider perfect fit for reverse engineering solution:

  1. Automobile’s tier 1 or OEM discontinued the production of a specific part.

  2. Original designs, such as drawings and CAD files, are unavailable.

  3. The product still exists in the market despite the dissolution of the manufacturers.

  4. There is a need for features to be redesigned for aftermarket usage, for instance: modification of size.

  5. OEM cannot supply the parts for any reason.

  6. There is a need for competitive analysis.

The goal of the reverse engineering service is to produce first-class products in the shortest time possible. Due to the increasing number of factory sellers on online marketplaces, the average time required for new product introduction keeps on getting shorter. Thus, we always ensure that we’re able to meet the time-pressed demands of the market through our reverse engineering service and rapid product development technologies, such as 3D printing.

We consider reverse engineering service as a cost-efficient solution when:

  1. There is a high demand for a specific reversed-engineered part.

  2. A specific part is crucial to the business.

Our major solutions include:

  1. Rapid machining and prototyping

  2. Specific part’s CAD model

  3. Designs’ benchmarking data

  4. Bill of materials

  5. Bill of process assembly

  6. Quality inspection and validation requirements

  7. Digital simulation ready

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