Why Choose PRI Global Services?


We are the company that are specifically tailored to the aftermarket industry. Our engineers have significant knowledge and experience working with vehicle components. They have a comprehensive understanding of industry and government standards and regulations, as well as how the aftermarket system operates. As a result, our products are exactly what customers require.


All of our work and tests are conducted using the latest software, most of which is web accessible. This allows us to easily integrate our services with the various platforms used by clients. By using the latest up-to-date software, our work remains consistent, compliant with regulations, accessible, and transformable for our clients.


Our global presence allows us to undertake tests, product validation and quality control within the manufacturers’ country of origin. We can support our customers, many of whom operate as online sellers, to develop business innovations such as drop-ships and offshore call centers for their companies.


We have cultivated a reputation based on outstanding service, in both engineering and marketing fields, focused specifically on the needs of the aftermarket. This unique combination allows us to utilize our technical results as solutions that really work for our customers.


Our knowledge about global supplier bases is outstanding. We are quick to provide alternatives in suppliers to correct any technical issues whilst keeping costs of product validation low